Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Closing in on 400 trophies

Right now I have 395 trophies with a couple more Skyrim trophies within my grasp.  As a matter of fact I am getting close the the platinum trophy [it will be my first!]  Unfortunately due to a glitch I'll have to start a new game to earn one trophy, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes or so to make it pop though.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A portion of Killzone 3 is now free on PSN

The online multiplayer part of Killzone 3 will be available for free download from the PSN starting today!  Now this is NOT the full retail version and it will cap the player progress at the Sargent I level.  So you might call it a "Super Demo."   You will have the option to purchase the unlocked version for a mere $14.99 if you decide that the Super Demo is to your liking.  I'll probably give it a try.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My adventures in Skyrim

Yes I went out and spent the full retail price on Skyrim. Despite all the reports about playability due to glitchy software [especially on the PS3] I took the plunge. And I don't regret it at all.  Don't get me wrong the games does have glitches, some are funny some are annoying, but my overall experience has been awesome. 

I'm playing as an Imperial mainly focusing on one handed combat combined with the blocking skill.  My imagined back story for my character Surfslayer is he was captured by Imperial forces after shortly after crossing in to Skyrim from Cyrodiil.  There was a fight with a small group of bandits and Surfslayer killed a couple of them before the rest of the group retreated.  A squad of Imperials soldiers found Surfslayer as he was looting the dead bodies and arrested him for banditry and murder.  Despite Surfslayer's protests that he was the victim of the dead bandits he was taken in to custody and transported by prison wagon to Helgen.  A fellow prisoner on the wagon was Ulfric Stormcloak, who is leading a rebellion against the Imperial rule.

Upon reaching Helgen it become evident that the prisoners will be executed by beheading.  After witnessing a beheading Surfslayer is brought to the chopping block and is moments from losing his head when the keep of Helgen is attacked by a dragon.  Chaos ensues, giving our hero an opportunity for freedom as the Imperials and prisoners unite against the attacking dragon.  Surfslayer befriends the fellow Imperial, Hadvar, who leads him through an underground dungeon and cave system to relative safety.  The two men travel together to the small town of Riverwood where Hadvar's uncle lives.  Along the way the pair are attacked by three of the vicious wolves that inhabit Skyrim.  Although injured by the attack the two men are able to kill the wolves and take the pelts.

Shortly after killing the wolves they reach Riverwood where Hadvar introduces Surfslayer to his uncle Alvor, who is a blacksmith.  Upon hearing about the dragon attack at Helgen Alvor asks Surfslayer to travel to Whiterun to ask the ruling Jarl for military assistance for Riverwood.    

I'll post more of Surfslayer's adventures in the future.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Spent a month away from the PS3

For no particular reason I have not played a PS3 game for about a month.  I fired it up yesterday and played enough inFamous to earn a trophy [number 311].  Then I switched to FIFA11 and discovered something wrong with the career mode that I was playing.  I'm not sure what is up with it unless I forgot the way I left it the last time I played it.  Not so happy with that. 

I'm trying to sell an old PS3 on Craigslist.  Not much luck with that.

The PS3 does have a function to transfer data from an old machine to a new machine that works very well.  I used it when I upgraded my PS3 a couple of months ago. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

300 trophies


I've finally earned 300 trophies.  The big push was from inFAMOUS.  I beat the game [tons of fun] earning a bunch of trophies along the way.   Right now I'm doing some trophy hunting in the game, trying to pick up some easy ones.

The next game I'm going to play a lot of is COD:MW2.  I've beat it once but had started playing through on a harder difficulty in order to earn some extra trophies.  I'm going to pick up where I left off and hopefully be able to beat it again.  If I'm able to make it through on the harder difficulty I may try to finish COD:WAW for the second time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My two free games from PSN

I picked inFAMOUS and Dead Nation from the list of five games that PSN is giving away as a way to say sorry for the outage.  So far between the two games I have amassed 14 new trophies all but one is bronze though.  With these additions I have run my total trophies up to 269. 

I thoroughly enjoy inFAMOUS and once complete will probably play through again with an evil character in order to see the game from that perspective.

Dead Nation might be a different story.  I like the game but I'm not sure about the re-playability of it.  Game play is a look down 3rd person view, of which I'm not a big fan.  I do like the scary atmosphere that the game has, it can startle you when a group of zombies come out of the fog when you are not expecting it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

PSN returns

After several weeks the PSN has returned to the suffering masses.  What did everyone do while the PSN was down?

I for one replaced my PS3 with a newer model.  I did play some offline games.  But not a ton.  I spent some time reading books from the library.  I read a couple of Heinlein novels I had never read.  As well as a couple of Spider Robinson books. 

I have not personally been logged into the PSN so I don't know if any of my friends have moved their trophy count higher.  I'll look into that in a day or two.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

PSN outage

The other day I tried to log-in to the PSN via the website to check my trophy totals against my friends.  I could not.  It seems Sony has taken the PSN offline due to "an external intrusion."   In other words they have been hacked.  And at this point we don't know when the PSN will be back up.

So far not a huge inconvenience for me as my PS3 is out of commission. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My PS3 is dead

Ok it is several years old now.  But it looks amazing.  However it doesn't power on.


Time to see if I can fix it.  I did fix a couple of PS2.  One was mine and the other was a friends. 

Just as I was starting to play the first Uncharted game.  Oh and I'm up to 201 trophies.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've hit 150 trophies

I noticed a PSN friend attempting to catch my trophy total.  Ok I'm not sure that he is really trying to catch me but I will not let him catch up with me.  I've added a couple of quick FIFA 2009 trophies and I've made plans to purchase the new FIFA Soccer 11.  And I have gone back to playing the campaign in Call of Duty:Black Ops so I've picked up a couple of trophies there as well. 

My new goal is 200 trophies.